Only 24% of Hong Kong is considered developed land, with only 7% used for housing (which is a whole other story). But what this means is that there is some absolutely amazing hiking all over Hong Kong! Part of the reason I love Hong Kong so much is because of these spots that give you a break from the city.  Below are some pictures from each of the hikes I’ve done so far, although I’ll have to say my iPhone camera doesn’t do the best job of capturing the true beauty here.

Lantau Peak

This was the first hike I did just two weeks into living in Hong Kong. To reach the Lantau Island we first had to take an hour long ferry ride and then catch a bus that went about 15 minutes up the mountain. Lantau Island is also where the famous Big Buddha is located! We definitely started this hike way too late and ended up hiking down in the dark. I’m really hoping to do this one again to see the peak in the clear day.

Side note: probably one of the most difficult hikes I have ever done.


Cheung Chau Island

Cheung Chau Island is extremely small and  only accessible by ferry! This was a short little hike that led down to an extremely secluded beach. Although I’m not sure if I would actually swim in the water, it was a very serene place.


Dragon’s Back Trail

This trail is probably one of the most common hiking trails in Hong Kong, especially for tourists. This is probably because it is one of the few trails actually on Hong Kong Island so it is easily accessible. To get her we only had to take the MTR to a bus station, and then take a bus about 15 minutes to the start of the trail. This was not too difficult of a hike and it offered some beautiful views.


Sai Wan Beach & Sheung Luk Stream, Sai Kung

I just did this hike yesterday and it was by far my favorite one so far, but it was also by far the most difficult to get to. We took the MTR, then two mini buses, a 45 minute hike to Sai Wan Beach, and then from there another 20 minutes of climbing over rocks with no real path to get to the stream. This spot is known for it’s cliff diving and it was honestly terrifying. I don’t know how I actually managed to do it twice because I’m not even sure if I could do it again. The spot was very secluded and because we started off so late in the day, we were nearly alone by the time we mustered up the courage to actually jump in the water. Even if you’re not a fan of cliff diving, it’s an absolutely beautiful hike and there’s camping on the beach!


2 thoughts on “Hiking in Hong Kong

  1. Beautiful pictures, Olivia! You are experiencing some amazing things in your young life. I so much enjoy you sharing your journey with us. Watching you jump off the cliff was breathtaking! You are much braver than me!


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